Thursday 28 January 2021
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Special Days of the month...
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- Stay Safe, Stay Well

August, the eighth month of the year was named for the Roman emperor Augustus. In many countries it is a traditional time for music festivals, fairs, expositions and family holidays.
The flowers of the month are the poppy and the gladiolus and the birthstones are the sardonyx and the peridot.
August has been designated American Adventures Month, Coffee Month, Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, May Your Reading Be a Haven Month, National Immunization Awareness Month, Cataract Awareness Month, National Inventor’s Month, Admit You’re Happy Month, American Artists Appreciation Month, National Toddler Month, National Win with Civility Month, National Catfish Month, Recruitment Month, National Eye Exam Month, Foot Health Month, Family Fun Month, National Golf Month, Peach Month, Romance Awareness Month, Water Quality Month, National Back To School Month.
Special weeks set aside for observance include:
Psychic Week, World Breastfeeding Week, Assistance Dog Week, National Resurrect Romance Week, Elvis Week, Thanks for all the Gifts Week, National Health Center Week, National Aviation Week, Little League Baseball World Series, National Save Your Smile Week, National Safe at Home Week, Be Kind to Humankind Week.


August 1, Girlfriend’s Day, Rounds Resounding Day, National Mustard Day, Sports Day, National Night Out, Feast Day of Saint Peter’s Chains, Colorado Day, Swiss Confederation Day, Friendship Day, National Kids Day, Respect for Parent’s Day, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

August 2, National Night Out, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Sister’s Day, Feast Day of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Feast Day of Saint Wilfred, Feast Day of the Virgin of the Angels.

August 3, FULL MOON, Civic Holiday, National Watermelon Day, Crop Day, Grab Some Nuts Day

August 4, Twins Day, National Night Out, Feast Day of Saint Dominic, American Family Day, U.S Coast Guard Day.

August 5, Kid’s Swap Shop Day, Work Like a Dog Day, Rush-Bearing Day.

August 6, Lucille Ball’s 107th Birthday, National Fresh Breath Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day, Wiggle Your Toes Day, National Root Beer Float Day, Hiroshima Day.

August 7, National Friendship Day, Sisters Day, National Lighthouse Day, Sea Serpent Day, Forgiveness Day, Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.

August 8, Senior Citizen’s Day, Sneak Some Zucchini On Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, Daughter’s Day, National Dollar Day, National Garage Sale Day, Odie Day.

August 9, National Polka Day, Resignation Day, Book Lovers Day, Nagasaki Memorial Day, Izaac Walton Day, Peanut Party Day, Smokey the Bear’s Birthday.

August 10, Middle Children’s Day, Smores Day, National Lazy Day, Missouri Admission Day, Wyatt Earp Western Day, Feast Day of Saint Lawrence.

August 11, Family Day, Presidential Joke Day, Play in the Sand Day

August 12, National Middle Child’s Day, Indian Day, Feast Day of Saint Clare, Vinyl Record Day, Texas Pioneer Day.

August 13, International Left Handers Day, Blame Someone Else Day, William Caxton Day, Fox Hill Day, National Garage Sale Day,, National Filet Mignon Day

August 14, Atlantic Charter Day, Liberty Tree Day, Bud Billiken Day, National Creamsicle Day

August 15, The Feast of the Assumption of Mary, National Homeless Animals Day & Candlelight Vigil, National Relaxation Day, Best Friend’s Day, National Failures Day, Liechtenstein National Day, Napoleon’s Day, Chauvin Day, Kids Can Be Day.

August 16, Bratwurst Day, National Rum Day, Tell a Joke Day, Bennington Battle Day, Hawaii Admission Day Holiday.

August 17, National Thrift Shop Day, San Martin Day.

August 18, NEW MOON, Soft Ice Cream Day, Carol’s Day, Feast Day of Saint Helena, Tobacco Harvest Day.

August 19, Potato Day, National Aviation Day.

August 20, National Radio Day, Lemonade Day, Feast Day of Saint Bernard.

August 21, Senior Citizen’s Day, Stay At Home With Your Kids Day, National Spumoni Day, American Bar Association Day.

August 22, Be An Angel Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, Festival of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

August 23, National Spongecake Day, Edgar Lee Masters Day.

August 24, Knife Day, Waffle Day, Saint Bartholomew Day, Vesuvius Day, Wild Goose Chase Day.

August 25, Kiss and Make Up Day, Banana Split Day, Feast Day of Saint Genesius, Saint Louis Day, River Raft Day.

August 26, National Dog Day, National Cherry Popsicle Day, Woman’s Equality Day, Aaron Burr Day, Susan B. Anthony Day.

August 27, Petroleum Day, Just Because Day, Late Summer Bank Holiday.

August 28, Race Your Mouse Day, World Sauntering Day, Feast Day of Saint Augustine of Hippo, Dream Day, Sweet Corn Day, Cherry Turnover Day

August 29, More Herbs, Less Salt Day, Lemon Juice Day, “According to Hoyle” Day, Martyrdom of Saint John.

August 30, National Toasted Marshmallow Day, Frankenstien Day, Feast Day of Saint Rose, Folk Dance Day, Ted Williams Day, Feast Day of Saint Fiacre.

August 31, National Trail Mix Day, Eat Outside Day, Box Car Day, Feast Day of Saint Raymund Nonnatus.