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Special Days of the month...
A Schuylkill Plus' Exclusive!



May, the fifth month of the year has been named for Maia, the Roman goddess of spring and growth, or the Majores, a branch of the Roman senate. It is a month that is associated with flowers and mild weather in the northern hemisphere, but it is a winter month in the southern hemisphere. The special flowers for the month of May are the hawthorn and the lily of the valley. The birthstone is the emerald.

May has been designated Mental Health Month, National Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month, Date Your Mate Month, National Arthritis Month, National Photo Month, National Hamburger Month, Healthy Vision Month, National Family Month, National Moving Month, National Older American Month, National American Bike Month, National Barbecue Month, Better Hearing & Speech Month, Clean Air Month, Motorcycle Safety Month, National Prom Graduation Safety Month, Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Prepare To Buy a Home Month, National Correct Posture Month, National Egg Month, National Good Car-Keeping Month, National Salsa Month, National Smile Month, National Sight Saving/Ultra-Violet Awareness Month, National Stroke Awareness Month, Tennis Month, National Tourism Month.
Special weeks set aside for observance in May include: National Pet Week (6-12), Teacher Appreciation Week (6-12), National Nurses Week (6-12), National Wildflower Week (6-12), Coach Recognition Week (6-12), National Hospital Week (13-19), National Transportation Week (13-19), National Tourism Week (13-19), National Police Week (13-19), National Nursing Home Week (13-19), National Running & Fitness Week (21-28), National Safe Boating Week (21-28), National EMS Week (21-28), National Backyard Games Week (21-28).

Special days in May:
May 1, National Law Day, National Loyalty Day, May Day, National Mother Goose Day, National New Homeowners Day, Saint Tamendend’s Day, Save the Rhino Day, School Principal’s Day, Dewey Day, Senior Citizens Day, Vappu Day.
May 2, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Humane Sunday, Feast Day of Saint Athanasius, Robert’s Rules Day, Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, Sibling Appreciation Day, Fire Day.
May 3,, World Press Freedom Day, Paranormal Day, Polish Constitution Day, Lumpy Rug Day, Day of the Holy Cross, Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Japanese Constitution Day,
May 4, NEW MOON, 145th KENTUCKY DERBY, China Youth Day, National Homebrew Day, Students Memorial Day, National Kids Workout Day, National Weather Observer’s Day, McDonogh Day, Bird Day, Renewal Day, Feast Day of Saint Florian, National Candied Orange Peel Day, Feast Day of Saint Monica.
May 5, Cinco de Mayo, Melanoma Monday, National Scrapbooking Day, International Pilates Day, National Day of Prayer, Dutch Liberation Day, Oyster Day, George Mason Day, Children’s Day in Japan.
May 6, National Nurses Day, Beverage Day, Shepherd’s and Herdman’s Day, No Diet Day, Zambia Labor Day.
May 7, Paste-Up Day, Feast Day of San Nicola, International Tuba Day, Spring Day, State Ploughing Ceremony Day.
May 8, Feast Day of Saint Michael, National Third Shift Workers Day, V-E Day, World Red Cross Day, Have a Coke Day, No Socks Day, National Teacher Day, Harry S. Truman Day.
May 9, Saint Joan’s Day, National Receptionists Day, Victory Day.
May 10, Denmark Common Prayer Day, Confederate Memorial Day, Fort Ticonderoga Day, Golden Spike Day, School Nurses Day, Clean up Your Room Day.
May 11, Eat What You Want Day, Fiesta De La Riba, Bob Marley Day, Jamestown Landing Day, Minnesota Admission Day.
May 12, MOTHER’S DAY, National Babysitters Day, Garland Day, Limerick Day, Mother Ocean Day, Woodmen Ranger’s Day.
May 13, National Kite Day, Leprechaun Day, Feast Day of Saint Robert Bellarmine, Jamestown Day.
May 14, Kamuzu Day, National Dance Like a Chicken Day, “The Stars and Stripes Forever” Day.
May 15, Feast Day of Saint Dympna, Feast Day of Saint Isidore, National Chocolate Chip Day, Peace Officers Memorial Day, National Employee Health and Fitness Day.
May 16, Biographer’s Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day.
May 17, Norewegian Independence Day, Pack Rat Day, World Telecommunication Day.
May 18, FULL MOON, National Visit Your Relatives Day, Bite of the Boro Day, International Museum Day, Living History Day, Rhubarb Day, Haitian Flag Day, Feis Ceoil.
May 19, Armed Forces Day, Feast Day of Saint Dunstan, Feast Day of Saint Peter Celestine, Pardon of Saint Ives, Youth and Sports Day, National Society of Colonial Dames Day, May Ray Day, Frog Jumping Jubilee Day.
May 20, Lafayette Day, Mecklenburg Day, Weights and Measures Day, Feast Day of Saint Bernadette Botev Day, Good Neighbor Day, Eliza Doolittle Day.
May 21, National Memo Day, National Defense Transportation Day, Peace Day, Lindbergh Flight Day.
May 22, Feast Day of Saint Rita, National Maritime Day, Sri Lanka Republic Day, Jumping Frog Jubilee Day, Tourism Awareness Day.
May 23, International Word Turtle Day, Declaration of the Bab, Linnaeus Day, Feast Day of Saint Ives of Chartres, Penny Day.
May 24, Brothers day, National Escargot Day, La Fete des Saintes Maries, Battle of Pichincha Day.
May 25, Elizabeth Bower Day, National Missing Children Day, Heat Safety Awareness Day, National Tap Dance Day, Yugoslavian Day of Youth.
May 26, TRINITY SUNDAY, INDIANAPOLIS 500, John Wayne Day, Grey Day, Towel day
May 27, MEMORIAL DAY, Feast Day of Saint Bede, Sun Screen Day, United Kingdom Spring Bank Holiday.
May 28, Saint Bernard Feast Day, Amnesty International Day, National Hamburger Day, Vesak Day, Feast Day of Saint Augustine.
May 29, National Sense of Smell Day, Rhode Island Admission Day, Wisconsin Day, John F. Kennedy’s Birthday (1917), Oak Apple Day, End Of The Middle Ages Day, Royal Hospital Founders Day.
May 30, ASCENSION DAY, National Senior Health and Fitness Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Everett’s Salty Sea Day, Water a Flower Day, Saint Joan of Arc Feast Day, Feast Day of Saint Ferdinand III.
May 31, Feast Day of Saint Angela, Brunei National Day, Save Your Hearing Day, South African Republic Day, World No-Tobacco Day, National Macaroon Day.