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Special Days of the month...
A Schuylkill Plus' Exclusive!


- Stay Safe, Stay Well

June, the sixth month in the Gregorian calendar, was named according to legend for Juno, the goddess of women and of marriage. If this is true, it is an appropriate name since June is the favorite months for couples to wed. Other traditional events are associated with June. Among the most famous are commencements, Flag Day and flower festivals. The special flower for the month of June is the rose and the birthstones are the moonstone and the alexandrite.
June has been designated, Zoo and Aquarium Month, Aquarian Month, National Steakhouse Month, Cancer from the Sun Month, International Men’s Month, Child Vision Awareness Month, National Rose Month, Dairy Month, National Frozen Yogurt Month, National Accordian Awareness Month, National Iced Tea Month, American Rivers Month, National Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month, National Safety Month, National Papaya Month, National Pest Control Month, National Ragweed Control Month, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, National Soul Food Month, Sports America Kids Month, Perennial Gardening Month, National Candy Month, National Tennis Month, Student Safety Month, Turkey Lovers Month, Vision Research Month and Fireworks Safety Month, National Drive Safe Month.
Special weeks observed in June include:

National Clay Week, International Volunteers Week, Teacher Thank You Week, National Headache Awareness Week, National Boating & Fishing Week, National Sun Safety Week National Automotive Service Professionals Week), National Men’s Health Week, National Flag Week), Carpenter Ant Awareness Week, National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness Week, National Little League Baseball Week.

Special days in June:

June 1 - Dare Day, Donut Day, Flip a Coin Day, Navy Day, Kentucky Admission Day, Madaraka Day, Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday, National Ulysses Turtle Day, Tennessee Admission Day, Elfreth’s Alley Day.

June 2 - National Rocky Road Day, Hristo Botev Day, International Mother’s Peace Day, National Doughnut Day, Day of the Rice God in Japan, Italian National Day.

June 3 - National Cancer Survivors Day, Egg Day, Repeat Day (I Say Repeat Day), Jefferson Davis Day, Jack Jouett Day, Memorial to Broken Dolls Day. National Tailors Day.

June 4 - Pulitzer Prize First Awarded (1917), Old Maid’s Day, Finland Flag Day, Applesauce Cake Day, Cheese Day, Hug Your Cat Day.

June 5 - FULL MOON, National Gingerbread Day, National Hunger Awareness Day, Denmark Constitution Day, Stories in a Cave Day, World Environment Day, Feast Day of Saint Boniface.

June 6 - D-Day: Anniversary (1944), National Trails Day, National Running Day , National Yo-Yo Day, National Gardening Exercise Day, Korean Memorial Day, Allied Landing Observances Day, National Sure You Can Travel Day, Woodmen of the World Founders Day.

June 7 - TRINITY SUNDAY, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Donut Day, Australian Founders Day.

June 8 - Best Friends Day, Name Your Poison Day, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday, Betty Picnic Day.

June 9 - Feast Day of Saint Columba, Senior - Citizen Day in Oklahoma, Donald Duck’s Birthday.

June 10 - Alcoholics Anonymous Founded: 1935, Rose Day, Iced Tea Day, National Herbs & Spices Day

June 11 - CORPUS CHRISTI, King Kamehameha I Day (Hawaii),

June 12 - National Baseball Hall of Fame anniversary, 1939, Baseball was invented, Machine Day, Philippines Independence Day, Saint Anthony’s Eve, Helsinki Day, Anne Frank Day, Peace of Chaco Day.

June 13 - National Juggling Day, Weed Your Garden Day, Saint Anthony’s Day, Fanny Burney Day.

June 14 - FLAG DAY, Family History Day, Race Unity Day, Edwardo’s Day.

June 15 - Nature Photography Day, Smile Power Day, Arkansas Admission Day, National Lobster Day , Feast Day of Saint Vitus, Farmer’s Day, Valdemar’s Day, Magna Carta Day, Fly A Kite Day, Hog Day.

June 16 - National Fudge Day, Vinegar Day, National Hollerin’ Contest Day, Feast of the Madonna of Carmine.

June 17 - Eat Your Vegetables Day, Bunker Hill Day, Watergate Day, Day of Unity in Germany, Iceland Independence Day, Vinegar Day.

June 18 - Go Fishing Day, First American Woman in Space Day (1983), International Panic Day, Waterloo Day.

June 19 - Juneteenth, Garfield the Cat Day, Emancipaion Day, Artigas Day.

June 20 - Ice Cream Soda Day, National Vanilla Milkshake Day , Vinegar Day, Go Skate Day, Argentina Flag Day, American Bald Eagle Day, West Virginia Admission Day, United Nations: World Refugee Day

June 21 - FATHER’S DAY, NEW MOON, Summer Solstice, First Day of Summer, Baby Boomers Recognition Day, Feast Day of Saint Aloysius Gonzoga, World Go Vegan Day.

June 22 - National Chocolate Éclair Day, Feast Day of Saint Alban, Feast Day of Saint Paulinus, Schoolteacher’s Day, Stupid Guy Thing Day, National Onion Rings Day

June 23 - National Pink Day, National Pecan Sandies Day, Soap Opera Day, Luxembourg National Day, Singing on the Mountain Day.

June 24 - Mid Summer Day, The Nativity of Saint John, Spring Bank Holiday.

June 25 - Log Cabin Day, Virginia Ratification Day, Custer Day, National Catfish Day, National Columnists Day.

June 26 - Bicycle Patented (1819), Discovery Day, Beauticians Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, United Nations Charter Day.

June 27 - Paul Bunyon Day, Happy Birthday to You Day, Decide to Get Married Day, Great American Backyard Campout.

June 28 - National Handshake Day, America’s Kids Day, Insurance Awareness Day, GJH Day.

June 29 - Camera Day, Micajah Autry Day, Sts. Peter and Paul Day, Saint Peter’s Day.

June 30 - Social Media Day, Superman’s Birthday, Meteor Day, Leap Second Time Adjustment Day.




July, the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar was named for Julius Caesar, the Roman who reformed the calendar in 44 B.C.
July is an important month in the United States because of July 4, the birthday of the nation. It was on July 4, 1776, that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.
The July flowers are the water lily and the larkspur.
July has been designated as Family Reunion Month, National Bikini Month, Anti-Boredom Month, National Grilling Month, Hitchhiking Month, National Baked Bean Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month, National Picnic Month, National Water Gardening Month, National Recreation and Parks Month, Women’s Motorcycle Month, Social Wellness Month, Read An “Almanac” Month.
Special weeks set aside for observance include: Clean Beaches Week, Barbershop Quartet Singing Week, Freedom Week, National Farrier’s Week, National Therapeutic Recreation Week, Take Charge of Change Week (), Rabbit Week, Space Week, Captive Nations Week, National Independent Retailers Week, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Education & Awareness Week, National Salad Week.

Special days in July include:

July 1, Canada Day, Caricom Day, Creative Ice Cream Day, Feast of the Most Precious Blood, I Forgot Day, Build a Scarecrow Day, National U.S. Postage Stamp Day, Praise A Postal Worker Day, Half-Year Day, Gettysburg Day.

July 2, American Stamp Day, World UFO Day, I Forgot Day, Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

July 3, INDEPENDENCE DAY 2020 (OBSERVED), Stay Out of the Sun Day, Compliment-Your-Mirror-Day, Idaho Admission Day, Air Conditioning Appreciation Day, Compliment Your Mirror Day.

July 4, INDEPENDENCE DAY, Alaska’s Flag Day, Fighter’s Day, Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day, Special Recreation for the Disabled Day, Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day, American Redneck Day, Boom Box Day, Hillbilly Day.

July 5, FULL MOON. LUNAR ECLIPSE (penumbral), Peace and Unity Day, Family Day, National Bkini Day, National Apple Turnover Day, Tynwald Day.

July 6, Republican Party Formed (1854), National Fried Chicken Day, International Kissing Day

July 7, National Dive Bar Day, National Macaroni Day, Feast Day of Saint Cyril and Methodius, Saba Saba Day, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, Special Recreation Day.

July 8, Video Games Day, National Blueberry Day

July 9, International Town Criers Day, Sugar Cookie Day, Feast Day of Saint Thomas More, Martyrdom of the Bab.

July 10, Wyoming Admission Day, Clerihew Day, Don’t Step On A Bee Day, Feast of the Virgin of Begona.

July 11, Bawming the Thorn Day, United Nations World Population Day, Anthony Wayne Day, Bowdler’s Day, National Cheer Up the Lonely Day.

July 12, Pecan Pie Day, Winkies of Oz Day, International Town Criers Day, Feast Day of Saint John Gualbert.

July 13, National French Fry Day, National Beans & Franks Day, Festival of Our Lady of Fatima, Embrace Your Geekness Day, Night Watch, Reed Dance Day.

July 14, Shark Awareness Day, National Nude Day, Old Crafts Day, Bastille Day, African Community Day.

July 15, TAX DAY 2020 (Extendeded due to Covid-19). Hot Dog Night, Be A Dork Day, Saint Swithin’s Day, Feast Day of Saint Vladimir, Black Ship Day, Tapioka Pudding Day

July 16, Atomic Bomb Day, Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, District of Columbia Day, La Paz Day, Flitch day - Beginning in 15th century, the monks offered a “flitch” of bacon as prize for any married couple who could prove to a jury of bachelors and maidens that they had lived together in harmony and fidelity for the past year.

July 17, Crab and Clam Bake Day, World Emoji Day, Cow Appreciation Day, Shark Awareness Day,

July 18, National Caviar Day, International Railroad Day, Feast Day of Saint Camillus, Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day. National Tattoo Day, National Peach Ice Cream Day, National Sour Candy Day

July 19, National Ice Cream Day, National Daiquiri Day, Get To Know Your Customer Day, National Get Out of the Doghouse Feast Day of Saint Vincent de Paul, Bloomer Day, , Flitch day - Beginning in 15th century, the monks offered a “flitch” of bacon as prize for any married couple who could prove to a jury of bachelors and maidens that they had lived together in harmony and fidelity for the past year. Few took home the bacon.

July 20, NEW MOON, Moon Day, National Pennsylvania Day, National Lollipop Day, Feast Day of Saint Margaret.

July 21, National Junk Food Day, National Woodie Wagon Day, National Freeze Pop Day, Feast Day of Saint Victor,

July 22, Hammock Day, Rat-Catchers Day, Spooner’s Day.

July 23, Gorgeous Grandma Day, Saint Apollinaris Feast Day, Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July 24, Utah Pioneer Day, Virtual Love Day, Cousins Day, Amelia Earhart Day, Tequila Day, National Drive-thru Day

July 25, Saint Christopher’s Day, Feast Day of Saint James the Great, National Day of the Cowboy, National Chili Dog Day, National Hire a Veteran Day, Wine & Cheese Day

July 26, PARENTS’ DAY, Feast Day of Saint Anne, New York Ratificaton Day, Bellman Day.

July 27, Take Your House Plants for a Walk Day, Feast Day of Saint Pantaleon.

July 28, National Milk Chocolate Day, National Waterpark Day, Somers Day, Joseph Lee Day, Comedy Celebration Day, National Drive-Thru Day, Terry Fox Day.

July 29, National Chicken Wing Day, National Lasagna Day, International Tiger Day, Olsok Eve, Rain Day in Waynesburg, PA, Feast Day of Saint Olaf.

July 30, National Cheesecake Day, Father-in Law Day, Crater Day in Virginia, International Day of Friendship

July 31, Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Mutt’s Day, National Avacado Day, National Talk in an Elevator Day