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Jerry Wolman

set to release book

on his amazing life

He was the owner of the Phildelphia Eagles, and he his roots come all the way back to Schuylkill County and his home town Shenandoah.

Soon, the man will tell his epic story about owning a professional football team in the biggest and richest sports franchise - THE NFL.
His book will be released in the coming weeks.
Jerry Wolman, a man that came from a small coal mining town in Northeast Pennsylvania, never thought he would become “The World’s Richest Man.”

To some that may sound far too pretentious, but to know Jerry as his dear friends call him, you would understand his theme.
About to be released is a story about this person who left his beloved hometown Shenandoah, Pennsylvania to seek his fortune, after World War II.

His rise in the business world provided him with the ability to become a “Sports Magnate” of sorts. His love of football would take him on a path to ownership to one of the downtrodden teams in the National Football League.

Jerry Wolman would captivate his legions of loyal fans as the new owner of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1963. His vibrant style, his flare and his homeboy attitude would relate to the die-hard Eagles fans, whose lust for a winner is shared by this “so called boy wonder.”
Wolman made it big when big was seen as “the-pie-in-the-sky.” Long before the great Donald Trump would come along, Wolman was later called “The Donald Trump” of his era.

At one point in his magnificent business career he was worth $36 million dollars; in cold, hard cash. Wolman built an empire, when empires were made of dreams.
Wolman’s success would allow him to embark on the dream of his lifetime – owning a professional football franchise.
Those yearnings for a football team stem from his boyhood days in Shenandoah, where he watched the local high school team rise to god-like status in the hard coal mining towns of the Anthracite Region.

Wolman remembered stories of the fabled Pottsville Maroons, as the lore of that team being a member of the National Football League and how it had an “NFL Championship Team Stolen.”
Jerry would meet two of those famed Maroons players from his home town; Frank “Champ” Racis and Barney Wentz, players that made it possible for the Maroons to become the champions in the eyes of many back in 1925.

A nearly quarter of a century later, Wolman would buy the Eagles, and soon his team was the talk of the National Football League, as then commissioner, the late Pete Rozelle, saw something in this kind and loving person.

Mike Mallowe, a highly respected sports writer in Philly...(Sept. 1988- Philadelphia Magazine’s Special 80th Anniversary Issue) wrote a piece listing forty people who have left the biggest footprints over the past eighty years in the city of Philadelphia.

Here is an excerpt:
“Wolman was a cheerful, charming dreamer who, more than anyone else, made Philadelphia a big-league town. The pro franchises were in place before Wolman, but it was he who had the vision to merchandise the NFL before the NFL got around to it. And his was also the spirit behind the building of the Spectrum and the creation of the Flyers.”

Certainly Wolman left a lasting impression. But younger people of today really don’t know the story about Jerry Wolman, his foresight and ability to look beyond and to the future… as a business man and a owner of a major league franchise.

Wolman was “the man” behind the Philadelphia Flyers; the entrepreneur who built the famed Spectrum; the man who purchased the Phillies Stadium Connie Mack, and rented it to the club; the owner of the Philadelphia Yellow Cab.

Yes Jerry Wolman is the reason why the Flyers exist today. He is the reason the Spectrum became a noted name in sports all over America. And, Jerry was the driving force behind NFL Films.
Wolman aided Steve Sabol in his quest to build yet another NFL cash-cow, the filming of the National Football League games throughout the league on Sundays.

Surely this man could be called the The Godfather of Phialdelphia Sports, and Innovator of the Specturm, and The Man who made Phialdelphia a Big-League Town.

The soon to be released and intriguing book about the man who ascended into the business world, and then later into the professional sports world, as written with by Richard Bockol and Joe Bockol.

The remarkable true story of a man who dreamed of soaring and touched the lives of thousands, in a limited autograph edition collectable item.

Read about “The Spirit Behind the Building of the Spectrum and the Creation of the Flyers” in an excerpt from “The World’s Richest Man” on the subject:
“By mid-1966, Wolman found himself smack dab in the center of a first-rate major league sports city which he was attempting to shape. He owned the Eagles; he was leasing Connie Mack Stadium to the Phillies; he had just founded and purchased the Flyers; and he was about to develop the arena to be home for the 76ers as well as his new ice hockey team.”



“The World’s Richest Man” is the never-been-told true story of Jerry Wolman, the Cinderella fellow from the coal mining region of Pennsylvania, who came from nothing and made it big. Capturing national attention in 1963 when he purchased the Philadelphia Eagles, he became the youngest owner in the National Football League. Wolman’s rapid success, along with his boyish charm and legendary generosity, made him an icon of his day. However, in attempting to build one of the world’s tallest buildings, the John Hancock Center in Chicago, he ran into severe construction problems, causing his $100 million dollar empire to topple. “The World’s Richest Man” is the remarkable tale of one man’s heartfelt meteoric rise and fall, and the thousands he touched throughout his larger-than-life journey.

Visit: to pre-order a special “Collector’s Edition” signed copy.